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Dated: 08/18/2015

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                                              Five Secrets to have your Offer Chosen above the Rest

The following items probably seem simple. Almost common sense. Unfortunately they are rarely used prior to most offers. 

I personally know these items are rarely used for a pair of reasons: When I represent a seller, I rarely see them used. However, when they are used, the sellers I represent always gravitate to these buyers. Also, I consistently use these principles whenever I represent a buyer. About 85% to 90% of the time my clients’ offers are accepted over as many as 12 others. I'm not bragging, I'm just stating the facts.

1. Find out what actually is important to the seller. Do they want a quick close, no repairs or “as-is” sale, the most money possible or something else? When someone decides to sell, they are usually very specific about their goals but will only share them when they’re asked

2. Sellers want to know you have your financials figured out. It's not always about more money. Most of the time is about security. Sellers want to know that you are able to deliver on your offer. So many offers fall apart during the closing process because the buyer’s eyes were bigger than their checkbook

 This means you should have the following figured out: 

-Cash- Proof of funds in your possession

-Down payment funds are solid including gift funds or investments to cash in

-Financing-  Actual bank approval vs. a pre-qualification or a pre-approval. Many people talk about this however very few agents know how to parlay this into value.  

3. Show the ability and willingness to close quickly. Closing is a trying time for most sellers. They want to feel like the pain will be over and they will have their money quickly.  You want them to perceive that the process will be swift with you

4. Be flexible on terms. Most sellers have not usually thought through every aspect of the deal they’re looking for. Be open and willing to hang with them. If you present yourself as a very well qualified, open and flexible buyer, every buyer will find you appealing  

5. Choose the right professionals to be on your team. I can't say enough about this one…. This is where the 'rubber meets the road'. Not all real estate professionals, realtors, loan officers, inspectors and escrow officers are created equally or care much about your goals. 'Choose wisely Grasshopper'. The people you have in your corner to get you to the home ownership finish line can make all of the difference. Find providers that are really working in the business and not folks that are trained to convince you to choose them. It will make all of the difference in the end. At the barest minimum make sure they can handle your transaction seven days a week. Like it or not, that is what it takes on most deals to get them done correctly and efficiently. 

 Icing on the cake- Sellers are people just like you. Well maybe not just like you. And possibly a little greedier than you are today. However, they really are people and they think and feel just like the rest of us. Believe it or not, sellers really want to know about the people that want to buy their home. This is really just the basic psychology of human nature. Effective buyers in today's market know of this dynamic and use it to their benefit. I have many samples of effectively sharing personal information with a seller. 

Transactions using these tools have far less stress. The parties involved can feel a sense of commitment to each other while they work together to a common goal. 

 These 5 Items are just a brief outline of some fundamentals that get you to your goal of the 'as close to perfect home and deal' as possible. Many people still see Austin as a Buyer’s Market. It's all about your goals, your strategy and the team you build around you.

To discuss the buying process in Austin in further detail call Ernie Hatton at 512.507.5142



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